Painful Numb Feet

An estimated 15 million people nationwide suffer from Peripheral Neuropathy. While effectiveness of treatment for this in the past has been less than ideal, we at Humboldt Hand and Foot Therapy believe we’ve found an answer.
Cause: First ,we must take notice to the fact that there are multiple causes for Peripheral Neuropathy. Not just a diabetic problem, many people with circulatory, chemotherapy, alcohol, or central nervous system problems also suffer from this disorder. Peripheral Neuropathy presents with the following symptoms: burning, electrical sharp/shooting pains, tingling and numbness that gradually progresses proximally from the toes or fingers to involve the feet and/or hands. Another common experience is that the severity of the symptoms increases at night often disrupting sleep patterns. Put simply, Peripheral Neuropathy is nerve damage caused for one reason or another by insufficient blood flow to the nerves in the feet, legs, and hands.
Treatment Options:1. Anodyne Infrared Therapy 2. Dynatron STS 3. The ReBuilder
Our Approach
We begin with an individual assessment of the difficulties patients are experiencing. We ask what the patient’s goal in treatment is and how they would like to improve. Then, with the help of their physician, we determine what is causing the pain or loss of sensation. This enables us to specialize a therapy program to help reach those personal goals, whether it be with our Anodyne, STS, ReBuilder or combined programs.
Anodyne Infrared Light Therapy (MIRE)
Photo energy increasing microcirculation, possibly through the release of nitric oxide, has been clinically documented in many published studies. This is exactly what a neuropathy patient needs improved blood flow to return the nutrients that the nerves have been starving for. Most patients say that Anodyne therapy feels warm and soothing. This clinically proven program may reduce pain, improve sensation and certainly prevent further progression of the neuropathy. Doppler imaging below shows just how substantial these increases in circulation can be in the feet of neuropathy patients. A 400% increase with Anodyne vs. 40% with a hot pack is seen below.

Sympathetic Therapy System (STS)
STS is a revolutionary new therapy for the treatment of chronic intractable pain. From Peripheral Neuropathy to Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, this treatment program has shown great promise for treating chronic pain. STS works by applying electrodes bilaterally over peripheral dermatome sites. This comfortable, unique form of stimulation is different than the typical TENS unit. By stimulating bilaterally over these peripheral nerve sites, communicating along these nerve pathways across the spine we can target the Sympathetic Nervous System. Calming or normalizing these nerves helps to shut down pain signals and dilate peripheral blood vessels, increasing blood and nutrient supply to the hands and feet. This treatment program has great results treating Peripheral Neuropathy and shows good potential in helping patients with RSD and other intractable pain disorders. In a study of 47 patients over only 28 days of treatment, 70% of patients reported a 30% decrease in symptoms; 36% of patients reported a 50% improvement in symptoms. These are significant numbers in only 1 month of treatment.
The ReBuilder
The Rebuilder is another electrical stimulation device designed to directly heal damaged nerves. When our nerves are starved of blood supply, hypoxia ensues (oxygen deprivation). This causes our nerves to shorten which increases the synaptic gap adjoining the nerves. This enlarged synaptic gap may be the cause of neuropathies random tingling and disoriented shooting nerve pains. The Rebuilder re-polarizes and re-educates the nerves to follow the correct paths. It jumps that widened gap, reconnecting the injured nerves, delivering minerals and nutrients, which revitalize those nerves. When this is accomplished it promotes new nerve growth, restores blood flow and returns feeling to the patient’s extremities, reducing pain. The Rebuilder is used at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America to treat chemotherapy induced neuropathy with a 96% success rate.
These comfortable non-invasive treatments have no negative side effects and can, combined with specific stretching, strengthening, and balancing exercises, help to reverse the symptoms of many nerve pain conditions. Best results are achieved with a 3 treatment per week protocol for 4-6 weeks. All of these treatments are FDA and Medicare approved and have home units to continue treatments at home once proven to be effective.
*Contraindications- Pregnancy, Thrombosis (blood clots), Pacemakers, actively treated cancers
Our clinically proven programs may reduce the discomfort of neuropathic pain syndromes and help patients recapture the life they once enjoyed.

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