Here at Humboldt Hand and Foot Therapy, we have introduced a very successful program designed to treat peripheral neuropathy patients with the STS (Sympathetic Therapy System) and infrared lights. The STS works by applying electrical stimulation over the peripheral dermatome sites, this unique form of stimulation is unlike any in the past and gives drastically different results. By stimulating bilaterally over these peripheral nerve sites, communicating along these nerve pathways across the spine we can target the Sympathetic Nervous System, calming/normalizing it. These comfortable, non-invasive treatments have no side effects and can potentially reverse the symptoms of this condition. We are in essence asking the body to calm these over active nerves, as well as stimulate an increase in blood flow out to the feet and hands. This is exactly what a neuropathy patient needs. The increase in blood flow brings back the nutrients that those damaged nerves desperately needed, creating a healing environment. Very few patients do not respond to this treatment at some beneficial level. This treatment is 2-3 times a week for a minimum of 6 weeks for best results. Treatments are Medicare and FDA approved.